Sunday, May 13, 2012

Relaxing Sunday at TAman Negara Pulau Pinang

My sis introduce me to this place last JAnuary, at that time we when to Pantai Kerchut. Quite a long journey, had so much fun there unfortunately my hard disk damage so i lost the nice moment there to be shared here..

Today, i went to the same place, with GIm n Kharti but this time we heading to the other side of the jungle.
It is Pantai Teluk Aling, also call USM/CEMAC. Marked as (C) in the map.

How to go there, u can go by boat or trecking. We choose trecking because we use to it lately. Not sure how long we walked, maybe about half n hour, its raining half way but we just continue till we reach here.. 
Its a nice place really, for the first time i really feel like wana jump in the sea when i see beach in Penang..
Yeah, really enjoy my beach day today...

Green crab that cause scratch on my leg...

This two girl really enjoy water fighting till didnt realise two hot guys pass by..hmm..

What is this red thing, ive never seen it before

Laksa n Teh Tarik. Refreshing after kesejukan mandi pantai.. This dishes u can eat at hawker stall opposite with spice garden, the one which is far end on your right side when you facing the hawker stall

Sunset from the beach at Teluk Bahang

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