Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bunga Telur -Bunga tissue

Still can recall da first time i've made Bunga Telur was 16years ago, helping my mom prepare it for my sister's wedding.. long long time ago...at that time i was only 10 or 11 years old.

Last week, i've found something interesting on website, it was regarding "Tissue Paper Flower"
mmg channteekkk!!!!! sgt, mcm2 boleh buat.. Since i have upcoming wedding event to decorate, apalagi,. mencurah2 idea datang.

my collection so far...

Today, one of my friend ask me to make research regarding Bunga Telur, terus teringat i've seen before Bunga Telur made from "Tissue Paper Flower" .. y dont i try to make it.


Canti tak ..cantik tak...

Really like it coz it looks different from Bunga2 telur yang dah muak tengok..

Inilah hasilnya bunga pahar, mmg awesome.

I also applied this Tissue Flower for my Hantaran design, The result for me is superb awesome

So, anyone interested to order Tissue Flower for Bunga Telur or Hantaran, kindly book from me by message or email, or visit my Fb page https://www.facebook.com/pages/JaJa-ToUch/183986134959676

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hand Bouquet for Bila & Adib N-gagement

I attended my friend's engagement last Sunday, membe time blaja kat USM dulu, Bila n Adib hensem.
Dgn berbesar hati offer nak buat Hand Bouquet ntuk Bila, sponsored by Naji. Requested blue colour roses, mahal sikit bunga ros biru ni. So kene campur2 dgn bunga murah sikit sbb bujet... Here da outcome,

I like...

Pic with Bila n other Friends..Sory Bila x sempat nak potong sikit tempat pegang bunga tu coz x sempat, tepaksa ko cover2...huhu

Suka tgk bunga pinang kat sireh junjung ni, when i'm able to make it on my own?? mesti cuba ni.

Kek sponsored by Naji n Sue from Secret Recipi..

Package kek bila bertunang on da same day with ur Birthday, ..

Bila n Hantaran2 yang digubah sendiri..Good job