Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hantaran & Wedding Themed Emerald Green & White

This Very special new set hantaran specially made requested by my dear customer, Yaya from Alor Setar, Kedah. She want pillow style hantaran, with themed emerald green * white. Before made this hantaran, i can imagine how lovely its gona look. I try not to just copy from available pillow style hantaran. I put thought on it and finally it comes really lovely, with exclusive details that enhance the look of it. Im happy with the outcome Thanks to Allah giving me this ability and creativity, thanks for the help from my family especially mom who gave me full support n assist while making this hantaran n other family members who helped me here and there, to kakak  who helped me cut the lace :). Here are some of the hantaran photos captured by me.  

The details that make it looks exclusive, white lace, swarovski and crystal brooch
hung on every corner
Apart from hantaran let me share with everyone what to choose to complete your wedding with Emerald Green * White Themed

Still remember our favorite artist wedding, Scha & Awal? Their emerald green Songket attire was really awesome especially when it goes on gorgeous Scha Al Yahya

Attire took about 6 months to made by Atikah Songket 
and designed by Rizman Ruzaini creations

My Emerald Green & White color pallate, i think with additional earth ground color make this themed looks outstanding and different. Try it guys... 
Wedding cake
Wedding Card
Wedding Dress
My advise for future brides out there, try to think for  something simple that can make your wedding different from others. Good Luck ;)