Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nana's Engagement 3OCT2010

Tetibe je Nana call tanya "Jaja ko boleh tlg buat hantaran aku x..bla bla bla...." hehe. boleh je... i like
For this Engagement, i give my touch on Hantaran dgn pertolongan Naji n Nana.. then last minute Nana soh decor sket sofa tempat dia nak sarung cincin and also buat Sireh Junjung,..yang ak x penah buat pun..

Ready to go bersama sama hantaran

Quick n easy 

Hantaran special for Nana, paling special Taj Mahal from chocolate. Using al da creativity i had to realise it

Hand Bouquet by Jaja-Touch

Sweet or sweat Nana

Penat jugak la seminggu dok menggubah..

Monday, February 21, 2011

Da Complete Arrangement for My Sister Wedding - Sept2009

This is first baby of my task as wedding planner..Di samping jadi Interior designer, jadi wedding planner pun best gak..Plan big event,dr kad kawin yg kecik smpai ke pelamin yg besar, mmg enjoy dan memenatkan. I really keep control on colour theme of this event YELLOW+WHITE+SILVER, and also try to keep everyting standard, susah jugak nak melaksanakannya coz this event berlangsung di kampung saya di PARIT BUNTAR, PERAK. All da preparation i did in KL, it takes almost 3month for the preparation. Thanks to crew2 yg membantu. Pengantin yg mengeluarkan duit,family yg menjayakan event, photographer ( & my uncle, who did great jobs, n sedara mara yg dtg menolong. When i did smetng i like n it works very well, I really enjoy it! Feel this wedding picture....

- Hand-made wedding card, looks exclusive but the cost, murah je.. 
It is all to do with kerajinan + idea + ketekunan only
- Plain Candle yang dihias sendiri, for special guest, still under bujet yang murah
- 4pieces of Sagon Bakar in a cute container for all guests replacing telur rebus, 
creat something different coz i always like diffrent than others.
- Bekas tembaga diterbangkan from Saudi Arabia for my relatives reflect my sister working there

Banner yang di design sendiri

Last minute touch on Meja Santapan, lauk pauk cooked by caterer  but dihiasi oleh my aunty2 yang creative, Only added beberapa accessories to make it like a good table setting.

Most people like this idea - Candle yang menghiasi meja santapan Pengantin

Pulut Kuning act as Kek, by my mum

Outdoor Pelamin by Jaja-touch, using fresh flowers at Gazebo berlatar belakangkan sawah padi yang x sempat menghijau but still give nice scenery

Simple touch for Bilik Pengantin

Simple touch for Bilik Pengantin

Last minute baru teringat buat Bunga Tangan untuk pengantin. Lucky still got plenty extra flower, 
i wana did something different but no time anymore, end up with simple one

Bosan melihat carpet merah in every wedding,
i end up with yellow colour cloth to replace it.
Goes well wth da colour theme
This is what i like about Kampung, where u can easily pick up all the fresh stuff around u and creat  very nice Deco. Batang Bunga Kantan + Bunga Kantan + Daisy + Daun Pandan + Daun Sukun in abig pot, menggantikan gerbang yang dah biasa sangat dilihat di mana2 wedding. See..i always like different from others

Hantaran also quick n simple
Finally, majlis berlangsung dengan meriahnya, and i am very satisfied with my TOUCH.

Thanks to my bos sudi datang dr KL just for this event..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Fav Keronsang

Last year Raya, i went to The Curve, i saw this very beautiful Keronsang dkt bazar Aidilfitri , Keronsang yang dah lama dicari2 very unique one, because ada unsur2 traditional on it. Sangat teruja untuk membelinya, but have to tink n tink n tink when i saw the price. Its nearly reach RM100 just for Keronsang? Wullawei, with RM 100 i can eat sepuas puasnya for one week. So, simpan jela hasrat membeli Keronsang yang di idam idamkan.. Sampai tido pn temimpi mimpi my fav keronsang...

Luckly, when i went to Bazar Raya at Shah Alam, i saw da same Keronsang quite cheap, tapi tak banyak design macam dekat The Curve ritu.. Memandangkan murah from previous kan, so beli jugak la satu, walaupun tak murah sangat..

Recently, i saw nearly da same Keronsang dkt Jalan Tar, cheaper but i dont really like the design, tak secantik da one  i had, ukiran pun kasar, x de nlai estetik. So continue mencari cari..

Last week shopping dekat usj, tadaaaa.. i jupe Keronsang fom da same family, dengan harga yang sangatlah berpatutan.. Terus beli tanpa berfikir panjang..

Kepada sesiapa yang punya da same taste with me, n berminat dengan keronsang ni, 
-bolehlah order fom me, 
-boleh comfirm order here or at my FB,
-boleh bank in duit to my Maybank akaun, n 
-Keronsang akan dihantar thorugh POS LAJU, 

Sesuai dijadikan gift jugak, because it come with exclusive black colour box.

Postal Price : RM6 (1-3 item), RM9 (4 item n above)

Sesuai dipadankan dengan plain fabric

Keronsang ni, menjadikan baju yang glamour bertambah glamour..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Great Wall, Beijing 30mer-04apr 2010

Package yang sangat berpatutan, 
for 6D5N (Ground Package)
(when i was there, my tourist guide said he can offer even cheaper price if we deal straight with, anyone interested can ask me.

Hotel : Shanshui Trends hotel

Room : Twin Room

Package include:-
-5 nights accommodation at Shanshui Trends
-Meals & Tour as per itinerary
- Return airport transfer

 Package exclude:-
- Return air ticket & airport tax
- Tipping for guide & driver
- Travel insurance
- Personal expenses.

I booked my own ticket with Air Asia, the flight landed in Tianjin.
Visa Fee : RM 88 Per Adult


Day 01 (D)
Arr. TIANJIN in the afternoon. Meeting at the airport and transfer to
Beijing directly. Enjoy the Acrobatic Show after dinner. 
Its very unique show, very well organize, sure u'll enjoy it.

Day 02 (B/L/D) 

Sightseeing to the Tian’anmen Square, visit the Forbidden City and the 
Department of Health Care with traditional Chinese Medicine & 
Foot massage. After lunch transfer to zohor prayer in the 
Nan Dou Ya MosqueThen visit the Silk Store & Tea Centre.

Typical heavyweight, imperial red doors with 9 rows of 9 golden bolts.

Day 03 (B/L/D) 
Full day excursion to the Great Wall and shopping at Jade and Silk Center,Crystal Factory.

Day 04 (B/L/D) 
Morning visit the Summer Palace
Prayer at the Madian Mosque after lunch. 
After that visit the Fresh water Pearl Center.

Summer Palace was used as a summer residence by China's imperial rulers - as a retreat from the main imperial palace now known as the Palace Museum (or 'Forbidden City') - a pleasureground in the countryside, yet near to the city.
The Summer Palace is virtually a museum of traditional Chinese gardening that uses rocks, plants, pavilions, ponds, cobble paths and other garden styles to create a poetic effect between different scenes. When you stroll around the Summer Palace, you will constantly find the area changing.

Day 05 (B/L/D) 
Morning photo stop at the Beijing 2008 National Bird’s Nest Stadium from outside, Jewelry Shop, shopping at Yashow Market & Tian Ya Hongqiao Market. 

Shopping at beijing, boleh habis semua duit yang ada.,.lupa plak nak ambil gambar time shopping, shopping sampai lupa.

Day 06 (B/L)  
After breakfast, transfer to Tianjin. 
Visit the Cultural Street. After lunch, transfer to the airport for the 
flight back to home. TIANJIN TO DEPART.

Ready da nak balik Malaysia with Air Asia X. Credit to Air Asia buat tambang Murah2 mcm ni, dapat bawak mak pi jalan2

See la how variety food in Beijing. Nice to look, Very tasty to eat.

My comment bout this trip, sangat Berbaloi dgn harga yang dibayar.. I survey banyak ground package, mmg tak dapatla package yang murah dari ni dgn penginapan yang selesa, very polite tourist guide, comfortable transportation, makanan yang mewah dan sedap,..honestly i thought can loose weight after a week in Beijing.
Haha.. Naik berat lagi ada la. Macam tong Sampah jadinya semua makanan yang dihidangkan licin lincau.